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Art should speak for itself


A look into the art world of Andre Lippard. His art style is a synthesis of the brush strokes from post impressionism, the processes of cubism, the aesthetics of the east, and a twist of rock and roll. With textures and colors that draw you in, and perspectives that intentionally skew, the viewer gets lost in the surrealism and abstraction that underlies most of his work. As the viewer transcends into a piece he becomes uniquely aware of thoughts, feelings, and human nature at its rawest form. Each new encounter with a piece unfolds an inimitable story, one so unusual that it cannot be copied because the piece speaks for itself and directly to the spectator. Experiencing an Andre Lippard painting should lead a viewer to place his or her imprint on walk away with an evocation of original thought. He paints to connect with our spirits, open our minds, and unite us in our differences. By incorporating cartoon-like scenes, playful quips, rugged imperfections, purity, and recurrence he speaks to many of us. It is up to us if we choose to listen. Won't you take a minute and let his art speak to you?